Use your good credit to help

us start small businesses!

Earn $10,000 in 30 days




Our CFO/Credit Partner Program is an exclusive opportunity for those individuals with excellent personal credit and some business knowledge to sit on one of our many corporate client’s board of directors in a very significant position and to potentially earn a passive income.


What is a credit partner?

A small company often needs access to capital in order to grow. A Chief Financial Officer (CFO) allows them to utilize your good credit to obtain that capital. These are business lines of credit or business loans that are in the business name. They are NOT in your name personally, so your liability is very limited and there is little if no risk at all.


A credit partner can be a friend, parent, co-worker , investor , relative, stranger . The relationship doesn't matter as long as they have good credit profile with 680 score and above. Bankruptcies and charge-off’s are the major disqualifiers. (see below for full list)

The funding doesn't appear on person's personal credit report because it reports to business credit.


Why should you credit partner?

The credit partner program is designed to be a flexible solution for good-credit individuals who would like to leverage their scores into cash or monthly income.


Credit partners have no expectations, duties, or responsibilities. You will be paid solely for your assistance in leveraging your good credit.

The company maintains 6 months of payments on all funds raised, ensuring the company has a near-zero risk of default. Additionally, the funds acquired will be paid off in full in 6 months or less minimizing the risk to the credit partner.


The company makes all payments on the debt and will pay off any outstanding balances before the agreed upon date.


You will be paid 10% of funds raised. Average is $100,000. So you would earn $10,000 if that was the amount raised. All funds raised usually take 15 – 30 days. Your payment will be made directly to you via bank wire transfer 48 – 72 hours after completion of loan closing. All features and factors are negotiable.

Full qualifications to be come a credit partner:

-Must be a US citizen

-680 or better credit score needed

-Have 3 revolving credit accounts with 3 years old credit limits over 5K -Low number of inquiries in the last 6 months

-Limited number of 30-90 day derogatory marks in 24 month period

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